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World’s biggest bubble record broken to tie in with release of Home




World’s biggest bubble record broken to tie in with cinema release of new animated adventure Home

“There is something intrinsically amazing about bubbles”, so says Samsam Bubbleman, and he should know. While the most famous ‘bubblologist’ in Britain, if not the world, worked his magic under the gaze of the London Eye on Wednesday 18th March, children of all ages watched in awe as giant gossamer blobs floated across the sky. His attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest free floating soap bubble was inspired by the release of the latest DreamWorks animation, Home, in which an intrepid band of aliens, the Boov, attempt to conquer Earth. Their technology, as it happens, is based on bubbles, which explains why your intrepid Movies4Kids reporter is standing in the freezing cold watching a grown man wave a giant sized bubble wand about.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

Joining Samsam in the park to cheer him on was a group of local school children while lovable Boov misfit, Oh, also made an appearance. Encouragement, however, is all well and good, but the serious art of bubble forming requires very particular conditions – the right humidity, the right force of wind blowing in the just right direction plus an almost zen-like sense of calm.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

Although the Bubbleman has been honing his skills for the past 25 years – he already holds nine Guinness World records, plus a rather impressive three Blue Peter badges, for his soapy shenanigans – a month of intensive training was needed before this record breaking attempt so that he could comfortably wield the long poles used to produce his ephemeral art forms. “They’re very heavy. You need to build up your muscles so that you can carry them.” He says. “I’ve been practising in a park near me in north London.” The practise obviously paid off. Today’s attempt had to be at least 23 cubic metres, big enough to hold an adult gray whale, to bring his tally of world records to 10. He managed an impressive 23.3 cubic metres.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

His enthusiasm is certainly infectious. It’s easy to see why royals, celebrities and everyone in between have been enthralled by his creations over the years. “People’s reactions to what I do, to bubbles in general, is amazing.” He says. “That always keeps me overjoyed. To see people smile. You can see in their eyes, they’ve had 20, 30, 40 years taken off them. They could be 10 again. People miss those days when they had less to worry about and treated life in a more open minded way.”

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015


+The record breaking bubble beat the previous record set in Massachusetts in 2013 by over 2.5 cubic metres.

+At 23.3 cubic metres, it’s the size of two family cars.

+Samsam’s other records include Most People Inside A Bubble, and Largest Frozen Bubble.

+You can find out more about Samsam Bubbleman at

Home is released in cinemas across the UK on Friday 20th March 2015.

Click HERE for the Movies4Kids review.

Home Launch One Sheet

Got young children? This is the ONLY Paddington review you need to read…

031_LF_0650_v177.1097If you have been watching the news over the past week or two, you’ll know there has been quite a fuss about the new Paddington movie, which opens in cinemas on Friday (28 November). The attention has been on the cinema rating that the British Board Of Film Classification has given the movie – based, of course, on the Michael Bond books beloved by kids for more than 50 years – as instead of a perfect-for-everyone classification of U (for Universal), the film has been rated a PG.

On their website (which you can visit here), the BBFC describes a PG rating as “a film suitable for general viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children. A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Parents should consider whether the content may upset younger, or more sensitive, children.” (There is much more information about what warrants a PG rating on their site should you wish to see it). In a nutshell, this means that a child of any age can see a PG movie accompanied by an adult, but parents/guardians/carers should be aware that there are some scenes that could upset them.

The Movies4Kids review of Paddington will hopefully give you a clearer idea of whether Paddington is suitable for your child. Kids over the age of, say, six, should be absolutely fine, as the movie is a fun, lovely, adventure that truly captures the spirit of Bond’s books (we even get Paddington’s famous ‘hard stare’). If your child is younger, or very sensitive, there are a few moments that may upset them – Paddington is in danger a few times – and it may be a good idea after watching the movie to explain to any adventurous little ones that some of the things Paddington does in the movie SHOULD NOT be attempted at home. For example, he hides in a fridge and also slides down a long bannister – two activities that, if copied, could end up at the very least with a trip to A&E. It’s those scenes, I believe, that have led to the BBFC’s rating.

Click here or above for the Movies4Kids review of this terrific family movie, or for a taste of Paddington’s adventures, watch the clip below.





Dolphin Tale 2 – cutest movie of the week

DOLPHIN TALE 2Following on from the successful 2011 movie Dolphin Tale that told the true story of injured dolphin Winter, who was fitted with a prosthetic tail to help her swim, this week sees the release of the sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, that continues Winter’s story.

You can read the Movies4Kids review here, and you can see the real Winter at Clearwater Aquarium via their webcam here.

And here’s the trailer:



For more information and games, visit the movie’s website,


Five Movie Spin-Offs For Kids That Are Worth Watching…

Do your kids want to watch the same movie, over and over again? If you’re lucky, there will be a TV spin-off of your child’s favourite movie so they can catch new episodes and learn more about the characters they love the most. There are tons of mini movies and TV series available on TV and DVD out there, from Monsters Vs Aliens to Madagascar spin-offs, and here is the Movies4Kids pick of five of the best to keep your children occupied when you just can’t sit through How To Train Your Dragon one more time…


9IKYRKkLego Marvel Superheroes – Maximum Overload

If your kids have been playing the Lego Marvel Superheroes video game, they will love the animated TV movie, in which Loki challenges the superheroes to save the world from his evil plans. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury and Wolverine all make appearances, and there is a great sense of fun to the adventure, too. Ideal for kids into the Marvel universe who aren’t quite old enough to see the live action movies yet (as many of them are 12A certificates). Parents should listen out for a cameo from Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee. This mini movie is available to watch on Netflix.



Lego-Star-Wars-The-Yoda-Chronicles-Episode-4-Escape-from-the-Jedi-TempleLego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Another Lego animated spin-off, and a brilliant one at that. There have been four episodes aired on Cartoon Network so far, and each one is hilarious, both for young and grown-up Star Wars fans. There are tons of in-jokes, the animation is terrific and the adventures are fun. Note that another animated Star Wars spin-off, The Clone Wars, is shown on Cartoon Network, too. Both Clone Wars and Yoda Chronicles are also available to buy on DVD.



Turbo_FAST_posterTurbo Fast

A cute TV series for younger kids (under 7s) who loved the 2013 movie about a snail who became superfast and competed against racing cars. The bright, flashy animated show picks up as Turbo and his snail pals head to Starlite City, where they learn new stunts and have fun adventures. Turbo Fast is exclusive to Netflix.



sourced-imageDragons: Defenders Of Berk

With the second How To Train Your Dragon movie opening on July 4, kids will be clamouring to catch up with the spin-off TV series that features Hiccup, his pals and the adorable dragon Toothless. Known as Riders Of Berk in the US, the series is now on its second season and 40th episode. The show is broadcast on Cartoon Network and is also available on DVD.



KungFuPandaLegendsOfAwesomenessPoster.jpgKung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness

A spin off of the martial arts comedy adventure from 2008, this Nickelodeon animated series stars Po the chubby Panda and fellow animal karate choppers the Furious Five as they defend the Valley Of Peace from various villains. It doesn’t have as much humour as the original, but kids who liked the movie will enjoy Po’s entertaining adventures. The series is also available on DVD.

Christmas TV viewing for the family – sorted!

57118435c5d5070ece37694ed97bddf7a2d4a50db3353aee2ea9f01b6b7b40ae6e775b02If you’re celebrating Christmas in the UK this year, you’ve probably already heard weather warnings of high winds and heavy rain. Fret not, as if you stay inside huddled around the TV, there is plenty to watch over the festive season – including some cracking family movies. Here’s a guide to the pick of the kids’ and family films on TV over the next few days… with links to the movies4kids reviews of them, of course!

Merry Christmas! (and don’t forget to visit next week for the Movies4Kids awards for family films of the year)…




PICK OF THE DAY 11.25am ITV2 The Iron Giant

3.25pm BBC2 Nativity!

5.15pm BBC1 Alice In Wonderland





10.05am BBC1 Ella Enchanted

1.40pm BBC1 The Santa Clause

PICK OF THE DAY 4.30pm BBC1 Toy Story





1.30pm BBC1 The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

3.50pm C4 The Grinch

PICK OF THE DAY 5.55pm BBC1 Finding Nemo





12.30pm BBC1 The Princess And The Frog

3.20pm ITV1 Tangled

3.20pm BBC1 Toy Story 3

PICK OF THE DAY 4.35pm C4 The Muppet Christmas Carol





PICK OF THE DAY 1.05pm ITV1 Casper

2.25pm BBC1 Alice In Wonderland

4.05pm BBC1 Cars 2

5.15pm C4 The Wizard Of Oz





PICK OF THE DAY 2.35pm BBC1 Enchanted

4.10pm BBC1 Megamind

4.10pm C5 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang





Halloween Movies For Kids (even little ones!)





Happy Hallowe’en!

To get you and the kids in a scary mood, here’s a list of spooky movies you can watch today without frightening the kids so much they are hiding behind the sofa. Enjoy!



Scooby Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map

32-EventThumb_ScoobyDooNew on DVD, this Scooby Doo adventure introduces Scooby and the gang… as puppets. Very cute for little viewers, it does have a few spooks as the group go on the trail of pirate Gnarlybeard’s hidden treasure, but only very sensitive children will find the Phantom Parrot frightening.






Dear Dracula

ddiconichiresRay Liotta and Emilio Estevez are among the actors lending their voices to this animated movie in which young Sam writes to Dracula at Hallowe’en to ask for his dream present (a Dracula doll) instead of waiting to write to Santa at Christmas. He gets a huge surprise when the world’s most famous vampire shows up at his house  and an even bigger one when he realises Draculacan’t even scare people anymore. Surprisingly sweet stuff.



l_1296642954-645You can read the movies4kids review HERE


Monsters Inc

l_1297290573-638You can read the movies4kids review HERE


Monsters Vs Aliens

l_1297426653-210You can read the movies4kids review HERE


Hotel Transylvania

l_1350041624-255You can read the movies4kids review HERE







l_1347537857-501You can read the movies4kids review HERE



l_1297508398-246You can read the movies4kids review HERE


The Goonies

l_1296820023-445You can read the movies4kids review HERE



l_1296816772-579You can read the movies4kids review HERE







l_1297425397-246You can read the movies4kids review HERE


The Nightmare Before Christmas

l_1297018383-67You can read the movies4kids review HERE



l_1296570732-278You can read the movies4kids review HERE


Buffy The Vampire Slayer

l_1296596012-838You can read the movies4kids review HERE



l_1350475728-790You can read the movies4kids review HERE






The Lost Boys

l_1296933216-448You can read the movies4kids review HERE


Fright Night

l_1315061644-516You can read the movies4kids review HERE



l_1296818534-547You can read the movies4kids review HERE


The Cabin In The Woods

l_1333355226-806You can read the movies4kids review HERE












Despicable Me 2 review!


Despicable Me 2 is in cinemas from Friday 28th June, and you can check out the movies4kids review here: DM2 review

And for fans of the minions, here are some activity pages to print out (just click on the pages below):