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World’s biggest bubble record broken to tie in with release of Home




World’s biggest bubble record broken to tie in with cinema release of new animated adventure Home

“There is something intrinsically amazing about bubbles”, so says Samsam Bubbleman, and he should know. While the most famous ‘bubblologist’ in Britain, if not the world, worked his magic under the gaze of the London Eye on Wednesday 18th March, children of all ages watched in awe as giant gossamer blobs floated across the sky. His attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for the largest free floating soap bubble was inspired by the release of the latest DreamWorks animation, Home, in which an intrepid band of aliens, the Boov, attempt to conquer Earth. Their technology, as it happens, is based on bubbles, which explains why your intrepid Movies4Kids reporter is standing in the freezing cold watching a grown man wave a giant sized bubble wand about.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

Joining Samsam in the park to cheer him on was a group of local school children while lovable Boov misfit, Oh, also made an appearance. Encouragement, however, is all well and good, but the serious art of bubble forming requires very particular conditions – the right humidity, the right force of wind blowing in the just right direction plus an almost zen-like sense of calm.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

Although the Bubbleman has been honing his skills for the past 25 years – he already holds nine Guinness World records, plus a rather impressive three Blue Peter badges, for his soapy shenanigans – a month of intensive training was needed before this record breaking attempt so that he could comfortably wield the long poles used to produce his ephemeral art forms. “They’re very heavy. You need to build up your muscles so that you can carry them.” He says. “I’ve been practising in a park near me in north London.” The practise obviously paid off. Today’s attempt had to be at least 23 cubic metres, big enough to hold an adult gray whale, to bring his tally of world records to 10. He managed an impressive 23.3 cubic metres.

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015

His enthusiasm is certainly infectious. It’s easy to see why royals, celebrities and everyone in between have been enthralled by his creations over the years. “People’s reactions to what I do, to bubbles in general, is amazing.” He says. “That always keeps me overjoyed. To see people smile. You can see in their eyes, they’ve had 20, 30, 40 years taken off them. They could be 10 again. People miss those days when they had less to worry about and treated life in a more open minded way.”

The World’s Largest Bubble, London, 18th March 2015


+The record breaking bubble beat the previous record set in Massachusetts in 2013 by over 2.5 cubic metres.

+At 23.3 cubic metres, it’s the size of two family cars.

+Samsam’s other records include Most People Inside A Bubble, and Largest Frozen Bubble.

+You can find out more about Samsam Bubbleman at

Home is released in cinemas across the UK on Friday 20th March 2015.

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Home Launch One Sheet

Hogwarts Express arrives at Warner Bros Studio Tour London!



Harry Potter fans have a new reason to visit the popular Warner Bros Studio Tour from March 19th – the attraction bow boasts not only the Hogwarts Express steam train, but platform 9 3/4 itself. 

Exclusive reveal of the Hogwarts Express - at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London   (1)

The new 20,000 square foot expansion includes the iconic train platform and steam train that Harry and his friends travelled on to get to Hogwarts, and visitors will be able to board the train themselves and post with a luggage trolley appearing through the platform wall. Designed by many of the crew members who worked on the movies, this is the original train and set from the movie, reassembled for fans, complete with special effects steam.


We’ll report from the Studios about the new addition as soon as we can, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the attraction which was launched by actor Mark Williams (aka Arthur Weasley) earlier this week. For more information about all the other things to see at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making Of Harry Potter, go to the official website here.

Photocall And press Launch Of Hogwarts Express And Platform 9 3/4

Photocall And press Launch Of Hogwarts Express And Platform 9 3/4


Photocall And press Launch Of Hogwarts Express And Platform 9 3/4





Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter offers a sneak peek of its new permanent exhibit featuring the original Hogwarts Express and recreation of Platform 9 ¾. The new expansion will be open to the public from Thursday 19th March and will be included in the ticket price.


Frozen Fever – first trailer!

image005If you have little girls in the house, chances are they are Frozen mad. So they will definitely want to see the first trailer for Disney’s Frozen Fever, an animated short that will be shown in cinemas in front of the new Disney live action movie Cinderella.

Cinderella opens in the UK on March 27 so you’ll be able to catch the whole of Frozen Fever then.






It’s Oscar time…



It’s Academy Awards time again, and tonight from 1.30am (UK), if you follow me on twitter @movies4kids you’ll get all the awards news as it happens, and probably some grumpiness from me when my favourites don’t win!

Peppa Pig – in UK cinemas from 14th February!

ABD_PP_SP1_GoldenBoots_Sparkleboots-100 [Converted]If you have any children in the house under the age of five, chances are you know exactly who Peppa Pig is, and why 14th February is very important to her fans. Yes, everyone’s favourite muddy-puddle loving pig from Channel 5’s Milkshake! on children’s TV is making her big screen debut, appearing in a 15-minute special episode called The Golden Boots that is being shown in cinemas from Valentine’s Day for half term week.

The Golden Boots is being shown with five favourite Peppa Pig episodes and entertainment clips from the Milkshake! presenters to give an hour of fun for kids. It’s a great chance for parents to take their littlest ones to the cinema for the first time, perhaps, especially if the running time of a regular movie seems too daunting for your toddler to sit through.


Check out the trailer below for some Peppa Pig fun:



and you can book your tickets to Peppa Pig here: PEPPAPIG


Peppa Quad 25%_visuals ph5.indd

Adorable Night At The Museum stars’ prom invitation

NATM3Skyler Gisondo, who plays Ben Stiller’s teenage son in the latest Night At The Museum movie, Secret Of The Tomb, enlisted his two very famous costars, Stiller and the late Robin Williams, to help him ask a classmate to be his date to the prom. And here is what they came up with:



Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb is in cinemas now and reviewed at Movies4Kids here.

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out – new trailer!

image005One of the most eagerly anticipated animated movies of next year has to be the latest movie from Disney Pixar – Inside Out. The movie doesn’t open until July 2015, but we have the trailer right now!

The adventure is set inside the mind of young Riley, who is uprooted from her life when her dad starts a new job in San Francisco. Riley is guided by her emotion – Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) – who all live in Headqurters, the control centre in Riley’s mind.


Take a look: