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Christmas TV viewing for the family – sorted!

57118435c5d5070ece37694ed97bddf7a2d4a50db3353aee2ea9f01b6b7b40ae6e775b02If you’re celebrating Christmas in the UK this year, you’ve probably already heard weather warnings of high winds and heavy rain. Fret not, as if you stay inside huddled around the TV, there is plenty to watch over the festive season – including some cracking family movies. Here’s a guide to the pick of the kids’ and family films on TV over the next few days… with links to the movies4kids reviews of them, of course!

Merry Christmas! (and don’t forget to visit next week for the Movies4Kids awards for family films of the year)…




PICK OF THE DAY 11.25am ITV2 The Iron Giant

3.25pm BBC2 Nativity!

5.15pm BBC1 Alice In Wonderland





10.05am BBC1 Ella Enchanted

1.40pm BBC1 The Santa Clause

PICK OF THE DAY 4.30pm BBC1 Toy Story





1.30pm BBC1 The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

3.50pm C4 The Grinch

PICK OF THE DAY 5.55pm BBC1 Finding Nemo





12.30pm BBC1 The Princess And The Frog

3.20pm ITV1 Tangled

3.20pm BBC1 Toy Story 3

PICK OF THE DAY 4.35pm C4 The Muppet Christmas Carol





PICK OF THE DAY 1.05pm ITV1 Casper

2.25pm BBC1 Alice In Wonderland

4.05pm BBC1 Cars 2

5.15pm C4 The Wizard Of Oz





PICK OF THE DAY 2.35pm BBC1 Enchanted

4.10pm BBC1 Megamind

4.10pm C5 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang





Christmas Countdown – the winner!

And here we are. The 14th – and best – movie in my Christmas family movie countdown is revealed! So did you guess?

Yep, it’s a version of A Christmas Carol, but it’s one with added puppets… or should I say, Muppets! A real treat for kids, this is also just as hilarious for us grown-ups, as Michael Caine gives his funniest ever performance (yep, he’s even funnier here than in Beyond The Poseidon Adventure!) as Ebeneezer Scrooge, while Kermit stars as Bob Crachit and Gonzo narrates as Charles Dickens.

Check out the review, here.

And below is a trailer, but to truly enjoy this adorable Christmas movie, all you need to do is turn on the TV today at noon, Channel 4, to watch the film itself!


Have a lovely Christmas Eve,


Christmas Countdown – last but one!

It’s Christmas Eve! Before I reveal the best Christmas movie ever (in my opinion, of course!), there’s one more film to mention. And it’s a hoot. Definitely one of the funniest and cutest Yuletide movies, Elf is a terrific movie for everyone, and one that is well worth watching to get you in the seasonal mood.

Check out the movies4kids review here. And here’s a clip:



Christmas Countdown… almost there!

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, when my favourite Christmas movie of all time will be revealed. You already know it’s not It’s A Wonderful Life or Miracle On 34th Street, so what could it be? There are three more family Christmas movies to show you while you’re guessing, and let’s start with two that have something in common… the facial contortions of Mr Jim Carrey.

He’s green and furry in The Grinch, and animated and rather old and grumpy in 2009’s A Christmas Carol. Click on the movie titles above for the reviews, and here are some clips to get you in the Carrey mood…



Christmas Countdown… the alternative list!

It’s just four days to Christmas and, let’s be honest, you’re getting sick of hearing ‘Last Christmas’ piped over shop speakers, you’ve had enough of fighting grannies for the last Yule Log on the shelves and that goodwill to all men is disappearing faster than Uncle Ron’s inhibitions after too much post-turkey egg nog. Don’t despair! If you don’t fancy one of the happy Christmas movies in our countdown, try my alternative list instead, written for The National newspaper in  the United Arab Emirates. It’s a list of movies set at Christmas, but festive and fun these films are not… ho ho ho…

Click here for the anti-Chirstmas Film Guide and enjoy!


Christmas Countdown – day 10!

Just five more movies in my family Christmas Countdown, with the best of all saved for last. In the meantime, here’s a movie that no one would put on their ‘best ever’ list, but if you’re in the mood to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger make an idiot of himself, it’s marginally better than Junior…

Read the movies4kids review of Jingle All The Way here and check out the trailer below:


Christmas Countdown – day nine!

It’s only a few more days to Christmas, folks! And today’s family Christmas movie – out in cinemas now – is perfect if your kids are getting to the age when they want to know exactly how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in just one night. It’s Arthur Christmas, of course, a terrific British animated movie that will soon become a seasonal classic.

The Movies4kids review of it is here, and there’s also not just one but two trailers to enjoy: