Kong: Skull Island – meet the creatures


Kong: Skull Island opens in the UK and US today (March 9th), and Movies4Kids has the run-down on all the creatures you’ll meet on screen in this fun monster movie.

Click HERE to read the Movies4Kids review.

Brought to life by the visionaries at Industrial Light And Magic, including Oscar-winning senior visual effects supervisor Stephen Rosenbaum and Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor Jeff White, the monsters include:



Height:             104 feet-tall

Weight:             158 tons

Head:            19 feet across

Hand:            16 feet-long

Foot:            22 feet-long

Thigh circumference:            36 feet

No. of teeth:             32

Canine tooth:            4.5 feet-long


SKULLCRAWLERS (the creatures that look like skeletal mega-lizards)

Height: 12-95 feet

Weight: 40-100 Tons



MOTHER LONGLEGS (giant spider)

Height:            18-23 feet-tall




Length:            44 feet.-tall

Horns:            64 ft.-long (tip to tip)

Weight:            22 tons


And three more we’re too scared to show you…

MIRE SQUID (giant octopus)

Length: 90 feet

SPORE MANTIS (stick insect)

Height: Up to 50 feet

PSYCHOVULTURES (big, scary birds)

Wingspan:             6-9 feet.


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