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New Doctor Strange trailer!



A new Doctor Strange trailer has been revealed at Comic-Con – and here it is, below!

The Marvel adventure stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character, and the movie opens on October 28th…






New Wonder Woman trailer!


Wonder Woman opens in the UK next summer (June 2, 2017), but a new trailer was revealed at Comic-Con this week that you can check out below.


Gal Gadot stars as Diana Prince – aka Wonder Woman – who made her first appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice earlier this year. In the new movie, we learn about how she was a princess of the Amazons, trained to be a warrior on a remote island until the day an American pilot crash lands and changes her life forever…


Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, David Thewlis and Danny Huston also star.


Steven Spielberg & cast: The BFG interview



It is the 100th anniversary of the birth of author Roald Dahl this year, and tying in nicely is the release of a new movie adaptation of his novel The BFG. Directed by Steven Spielberg and written by the late Melissa Mathison (who also wrote the screenplay for ET: The Extra Terrestrial), the movie stars Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant, 12-year-old newcomer Ruby Barnhill as orphan Sophie, Penelope Wilton as The Queen and Rebecca Hall as queen’s maid Mary.


Spielberg and Rylance had already worked together on the 2015 drama Bridge Of Spies (for which Rylance won an Oscar). “Steven asked me to read the script [of The BFG] on the first day on set of Bridge Of Spies,” Rylance remembers. “I didn’t realise he wanted me to be in it, I just thought he wanted my opinion on the script!”


SHM: 'BFG' UK premiere VIP Arrivals


Rylance admitted that he hadn’t read Dahl’s novel before accepting the part, and he wasn’t the only one – his young co-star hadn’t read it either. “All my friends had told me to read The BFG because I liked Roald Dahl. Then I decided to audition for the movie, and my dad said: ‘you’ve read the book, haven’t you?’ and I said ‘no’! He said I really should, so I quickly read it before my first audition,” laughs Ruby Barnhill.


“I was more familiar with Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,” Spielberg adds. “But I read The BFG to my kids and remember reading it to my first child years ago. I didn’t see it as a film back then, though, I saw it as a way to popularise myself with my young family!”


SHM: 'BFG' UK premiere VIP Arrivals


Having crafted family movies like War Horse, ET: The Extra Terrestrial, and the Indiana Jones films, Spielberg was the perfect person to turn the story of a little girl and her giant dream-catching friend into a live action adventure. Seventy years old this year, the director and producer hasn’t lost his love of making movies and watching them himself. “I love suspending my disbelief like everyone else [when watching a film] and forgetting everything I know about how a movie is made. So I don’t think about where they have put the camera, how it is lit, how it is made, I watch and enjoy a movie just how everyone else in the audience does.”


At an age when many directors may be thinking of thinking of retiring, Spielberg is – luckily for us – showing no signs of putting down the camera and counts filmmakers such as David Lean (who directed until the age of 76), Akira Kurosawa (who directed until he was 83) and Frank Capra among his heroes. “I have seen the one thing that happens when directors get older is that they still have the passion, they still have the determination to tell stories but because of their age, the people who do the hiring look at you as a relic from the past,” he continues. “In fact, one of the reasons I started Dreamworks [his film studio] was that I was saying ‘I am not going to be the relic of the past! If I have to form a studio to keep working, by god, that is what I am going to do!’”


He laughs. “So I am happy I can keep working, I love what I do, I love telling stories and working with great actors.”




Of course, much has changed since he first started making movies (it’s a jaw-dropping 41 years since his first big hit, Jaws, opened in cinemas), especially the technology filmmakers now have at their fingertips. “Before the digital revolution you needed to use your imagination to be able to craft an illusion that the audience would accept as real,” he notes. “Even a movie like 1953’s The War Of The Worlds, where you clearly see all the wires on the flying machines, the audiences back then were able to see the wires but forget them – and were terrified when the aliens were invading America in the movie.”


“With the digital revolution today there is no limit to anyone’s imagination, you can literally put anything on the screen. Illusion is gone – we don’t have to use practical magic to make you believe something because we have digital effects.”


Spielberg smiles. “Hopefully the success of The BFG is not just measured by its heart and the relationship between Sophie and BFG. I hope by twenty minutes into the movie you’ll think Mark’s 25 foot giant is real, and everyone forgets that there are special effects involved at all…”

Happy Roald Dahl Day!







On the 100th anniversary of author Roald Dahl’s birth, numerous kids will have trotted to school dressed as an Oompa Loompa, Willy Wonka, or perhaps the BFG. To celebrate with them (and the mums who made their costumes!), here’s our list of some of the best movie versions of Dahl’s stories for you to watch with the kids – click on each title to go to the Movies4Kids review, and enjoy the clips below:


The BFG (2016) 

Steven Spielberg’s effects-filled version of Dahl’s tale of the Big Friendly Giant, with Mark Rylance terrific in the starring role. The movie will be out on DVD at the end of the year, but should still be on general release at some cinemas.



The BFG (1989)

A lovely animated version of Dahl’s story, with David Jason providing the voice of the Big Friendly Giant and Amanda Root as Sophie.



Fantastic Mr Fox

A stop-motion animated comedy featuring the voices of George Clooney, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep and Michael Gambon.



Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Made in 1971 with Gene Wilder as chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka, this version was disowned by Dahl because he felt there was too much emphasis on Willy and not enough on young Charlie.



Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Dahl’s most famous book has been adapted twice (see Willy Wonka, above) and this version has director Tim Burton reteaming with his Edward Scissorhands leading man Johnny Depp for a darker version of the story.



James And The Giant Peach

A superb stop-motion animated movie featuring Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon and David Thewlis as some of the creatures James meets inside the giant peach.



The Witches

Nicolas Roeg directed this adventure that stars Angelica Huston as the leader of a group of witches meeting in a seaside town. Rowan Atkinson, Brenda Blethyn and Jane Horrocks also star.



Danny The Champion Of The World

Jeremy Irons stars with his son Samuel in this lovely movie adaptation of Dahl’s novel made in 1989, originally for TV.



This adorable comedy stars Mara Wilson as young bookworm Matilda and Danny DeVito (who also directed) and Rhea Perlman as her nasty parents.



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay – adapted from Ian Fleming’s novel – for this beloved classic that features one of the scariest characters (the child catcher) ever to appear in a family movie.


*An older version of this article previously appeared at in 2015.

RIP Garry Marshall



Very sad to hear of the passing of writer/director/producer Garry Marshall (pictured above with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews). While he is best remembered for grown-up movies like Pretty Woman, Beaches and Runaway Bride, and TV shows like Mork & Mindy and Happy Days, he also made a couple of terrific family/teen movies – The Flamingo Kid (1984) and The Princess Diaries (2001). You can read the Movies4Kids reviews by clicking on the links below, and scroll down for trailers of both movies…

The Flamingo Kid


The Princess Diaries







New Trolls posters

Trolls Teaser Quad


Dreamworks’ new animated movie Trolls isn’t out until October, but here are some fun character posters to get us ready.


Apparently the Trolls are the happiest creatures, all rainbows and sunshine and song, until their leader Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) must embark on a rescue mission away from the safety of her home…





Star Wars Rogue One: first look



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens around the world in December, and in the meantime those lovely people at Disney have given fans a look at what to expect from the movie that is set immediately before the events of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Check it out:




And here’s the new poster: