Want your city to host an early screening of Allegiant? Read on…



The latest instalment in the Divergent series of movies, Allegiant, is in cinemas from March 10th, but if you live in the UK you can join in the Initiate Battle and vote for the chance for the movie to be screened early in a city near you.


Today, it’s the south, and you have 24 hours to vote for either London or Bristol to host an early screening. On Tuesday it is the turn of the Midlands, with Birmingham v Nottingham, and on Wednesday it will be the North, with Manchester v Liverpool. Finally, on Thursday it is the chance for two cities in Scotland to vie for the chance to have a screening of Allegiant in Edinburgh v Glasgow. The winning city in each battle will be announced the following day, and those tweeting with the winning town hashtag stand a chance of winning a pair of tickets to that city’s screening. The screenings will be held in the four winning cities on March 9th. For more information and to cast your vote, visit the Allegiant Battle website: www.allegiantbattle.co.uk.

You can also tweet your support of your Allegiant city HERE




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