Star Wars Night at Disneyland Paris



You may possibly be aware that a new Star Wars movie is opening before Christmas. UK cinemagoers will get to see it from Thursday 17th December, and it opens the next day in the US but much of Europe gets the movie a whole day earlier, on Wednesday 16th December, including France. And, since this is the first Star Wars movie to be released by Disney, it comes as no surprise that the place to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Disneyland Paris.

The Cinema + Stay pack (from €700 for 2 people) gets you a ticket to see the movie at midnight on the 16th at the Gaumont Cinema in Disney Village, plus 2 days access to the two Disney parks (Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park) and a night in a Disney hotel, plus a chance to enjoy all the Star Wars Night festivities.

Star Wars Night (£70 per person) gets you access to the park and special Star Wars festivities on the 16th, including a chance to have a go on the superb Star Tours ride and dine at Videopolis (which will have a Jedi-themed menu for the night).

There is also a Premium Star Wars Night ticket (£123 per person) that is available to just 600 people, offers the Star Wars night treats, plus a collector’s frame featuring a limited edition poster, priority access to meet the Star Wars characters in the park and fast pass tickets to the rides.

For more information, click HERE for the Disneyland Paris Star Wars Night website.



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