Outdoor movies4kids!

Unknown-1Here at Movies4Kids we love movies (well, duh!) and, on the rare occasion that the British sun is shining, we love the outdoors, too. So outdoor summer cinemas are a perfect mix of both, and even better when they are showing movies for all the family. This year, Pop Up Screens has a great selection of movies they’re showing at outdoor venues around the London area, including Labyrinth, Big, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, Up and ET, teen movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stand By Me and Footloose and one of our favourite movies of all time, Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


The venues include Greenwich Peninsula Central Park, Bishop’s Park in Fulham, Tudor Barn in Eltham, Ravenscourt Park in Hammersmith, Coram’s Fields in Holborn, Manor House Gardens in Lewisham, Mayow Park in Sydenham, East Greenwich Pleasaunce and Streatham Common, and the screenings take place between the 24th July and 26th September. Tickets are £10 per adult, £6 for under 10s, and gourmet burgers from Black Gold will be sold so you can have dinner and a movie!


For more information and the full programme, visit their website (www.popupscreens.co.uk).


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