Peppa Pig – in UK cinemas from 14th February!

ABD_PP_SP1_GoldenBoots_Sparkleboots-100 [Converted]If you have any children in the house under the age of five, chances are you know exactly who Peppa Pig is, and why 14th February is very important to her fans. Yes, everyone’s favourite muddy-puddle loving pig from Channel 5’s Milkshake! on children’s TV is making her big screen debut, appearing in a 15-minute special episode called The Golden Boots that is being shown in cinemas from Valentine’s Day for half term week.

The Golden Boots is being shown with five favourite Peppa Pig episodes and entertainment clips from the Milkshake! presenters to give an hour of fun for kids. It’s a great chance for parents to take their littlest ones to the cinema for the first time, perhaps, especially if the running time of a regular movie seems too daunting for your toddler to sit through.


Check out the trailer below for some Peppa Pig fun:



and you can book your tickets to Peppa Pig here: PEPPAPIG


Peppa Quad 25%_visuals ph5.indd


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