Kevin Bacon – Footloose Hero!

Here at Movies4Kids we love Kevin Bacon. He was the first actor I ever interviewed as a journalist (for a cool little movie called The Big Picture, when I was just 19) and while some of his movies may be a bit grown up for the Movies4Kids website, we do feature reviews of Balto (he provided the voice), My Dog Skip, X-Men First Class and, of course, that teen classic Footloose (which deservedly has a four star rating!)

It’s actually 30 years this year since Footloose was first released, and to commemorate that, Mr Bacon – now, of course, starring in the TV series The Following – appeared on The Tonight Show, and paid a hilarious, brilliant tribute to the movie that made him a star.

You have to watch this, it is superb.

Thanks Kevin!







One response to “Kevin Bacon – Footloose Hero!

  1. Marvelous content, thank You !!

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