Meet The Croods – exclusive content!

The Croods Launch 1 SheetOn March 22nd, the makers of Madagascar would like us to meet a new family… the prehistoric Croods. Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone provide the voices for this stone age family who have to leave the safety of their cave and venture out into the wide world, where they meet a host of fantastic creatures.

Check out the trailer below, and click on the links for some activity sheets for kids to enjoy – exclusive to Movies4Kids!


Click on the links below for colouring pages and activities…

Colouring Page = Eep

Colouring Page = Belt

Connect The Dots

Colouring Page = Ugga

Colouring Page = Mousephant

Colouring Page = Macawnivore

Colouring Page = Liyote

Colouring Page = Gran



Click on the activity sheets below for bigger versions, too!

Make A Picture Frame Look Who's Hiding Dot To Dot


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