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Puss In Boots gets his groove on

Puss In Boots is out in the UK on December 9th, and I’ll be posting a review at nearer that date, but in the meantime, check out this five minute clip to get you in the kitty mood:

Puss In Boots

The Wombles Are Back!

One of my favourite TV programmes as a young sprog was The Wombles. I loved the idea of them using all the everyday things folks left behind, and even made a cardboard box covered in sweet wrappers as a house for my little collection of mini Womble figures that I was given for Christmas one year. (Anyone that knows me would find this an impressive feat as I am not exactly Mister Maker when it comes to arts and crafts).

Anyway, that classic song, Wombling Merry Christmas, is getting a 2011 re-release on December 12th, while ‘The W Factor’, a Wombles greatest hits album is out on Monday (28th November). We’ll forgive them the dodgy cash-in album title just because those Wombles are so darned cute (and slightly cool – they did play Glastonbury, after all).

Here’s the video for Wombling Merry Christmas – featuring a couple of Jedward-esque Wombles. What would Uncle Bulgaria think?



The Muppets meet Twilight

The new Muppet movie opens in the US this week but us poor Brits have to wait until next February for its release over here. To make the wait more bearable, check out these great spoof posters for Twilight from Jim Henson’s magical puppet masters…

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I review

My review of the latest in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part I, is now up at movies4kids. Check it out here – – and let me know what you think!

Brave trailer

Brave is the new movie from those geniuses at Pixar (Toy Story, Up, etc) – but it’s not out until August 2012! Fear not, here’s a sneak preview of the story of a girl called Merida, set in the ‘mysterious’ highlands of Scotland…

The Hunger Games – the first trailer

Haven’t heard of The Hunger Games? It’s the first in a trilogy of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, set in a future America where the land is divided into districts. Each year, one boy and one girl from each of the 12 districts is chosen to compete in the televised ‘hunger games’ – a battle in which only one of them can survive (it’s been compared to Stephen King’s novel The Running Man and short story The Long Walk, and Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery).

The movie – due out in March – is being touted as the ‘next Twilight’, partly because it’s a fantasy/sci-fi story, partly because it has a love triangle between competitor Katniss, her childhood friend Gale and Peeta, another Hunger Games contestant, and partly because the cast is led by three hot actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. The first trailer is now online, so see what you think (and if you have a teenage daughter at home, write March 23, 2012 in her diary as she’ll be desperate to see it).

Hunger Games trailer

Movies4Kids: The Spin-off

If you’ve read the ‘About’ page, you’ll know this blog is a spin-off from the website. Hopefully they will work alongside each other, sort of like Angel and Buffy, with the added bonus on here that you can comment on reviews you’ve seen on the site, and the features, trailers, lists and other musings I’ll post. Also, I may feel the need to occasionally chat about something that isn’t kids-movie related, so once in a while be prepared for my thoughts on kids in general (I have one!), telly (have one of those too!) and some of the more grown-up movies I see, too.

I guess this is the part where I should introduce myself, too. My name is Jo Berry, I’m a film critic, celebrity editor, author and mum of one. I’ve been reviewing films, interviewing actors and working in magazines and newspapers since I was 18, and you may have seen my name in Empire Magazine, Radio Times, Maxim, Eve, The Guardian, the Daily Express and Sunday Express, or been unfortunate enough to catch me on TV talking about the 100 Scariest Moments, Best Car Chases, War Movies or, erm, ‘girl power’ female singers (in a weak moment I agreed to be interviewed by MTV and the repeats have haunted me ever since).

I’ve written a biography of Katy Perry, The Essential Guide To TV On DVD, Chick Flicks (with the phenomenally knowledgable Angie Errigo), The Ultimate DVD Easter Egg Guide and The Parents’ Guide To Kids’ Movies – a book that led to the movies4kids website and, I guess, this blog.

But that’s enough about me. All you really need to know is I love movies, I love TV (mainly American shows, though, you won’t find me rambling on about Corrie or TOWIE here) and I’m hoping you do too!