Which Great Wall warrior are you?




Action packed adventure The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, is in cinemas from today (Friday 17th February).


The film tells the story of an elite force of warriors making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure, as it is attacked from a swarm of seemingly unstoppable monsters. Click here for the movies4kids review.


To celebrate the release of The Great Wall, get to know the film’s characters with our warrior quiz….


What is your choice of warrior weapon?

A – Bow and Arrow

B – A Protective Shield

C – A Sharp Spear


Which colour would you pick for your armour?

A – Heroic Red

B – Bold Brass

C – Brave Blue


Which mythical creature would you most like to defend your country against?

A – A White Serpent

B – A Shenlong Dragon

C – A Deadly Taotie


In a battle, who would you save first?

A – Your Best Friend

B – Yourself

C – Your Country



Mostly As – William Garn



Although you do not fight for one particular flag, you know the importance of trust and team work.




Mostly Bs – Pero Tovar


You will do anything to protect your brothers, but when push comes to shove you will do what’s necessary to save yourself.




Mostly Cs – Commander Lin Mei


You are a fiercely strong leader with a team of dedicated followers who you will lead to victory.


Watch the warriors in action, as The Great Wall arrives in UK cinemas today.

New Kong: Skull Island images



We’re counting the days until the release of Kong: Skull Island (it opens on March 9th) and now some images from the film have been revealed, we’re looking forward to the movie even more. The movie re-imagines the King Kong story, sending a team of explorers to an uncharted island in the Pacific that turns out to be the home of the legendary Kong. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman and John C Reilly star.


Check out the new images, and the trailer, below:




Happy Valentine’s Day… from Boss Baby



Animated comedy The Boss Baby, featuring the voice of Alec Baldwin (yeah!) as the suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying little cutie, opens in the UK on April 1st. Check out his Valentine’s message below, and – as you’d expect from a smart, 21st century baby, he also has a vlog and you can see the first two instalments here, too.




20 Netflix Kids Movies for half term



Throughout much of the UK, kids will be home from school for a week from Monday (13th February). Once you’ve taken them to see The Lego Batman Movie at the cinema, and visited all the local indoor activity places (after all, it’s Britain in February, so it’s going to be wet/cold/snowing), settle down in front of the TV and select one of these terrific movies to watch, all currently available on Netflix UK.


Click on each title to go to the full Movies4Kids review.


Please note that all the age ratings are to be used as a rough guide only to help you select a movie. Please read the full Movies4Kids review for a more detailed description so you can decide whether a film is suitable for your child.


The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland all ages



Sesame Street’s adorable Elmo gets his own movie, in which he travels to Grouchland – home to the evil Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) in search of his precious blue blanket.





Antz age 8+


Woody Allen is the voice of a worker ant who falls for the colony’s princess (Sharon Stone) in this 1998 animated adventure.






The Book Of Life age 8+


Love, death, betrayal and the afterlife are all touched on in this vivid animated adventure produced by Guillermo Del Toro.






The Boxtrolls age 8+


A quirky stop-motion animated adventure for older kids, focusing on the ceddly monsters who rummage through the rubbish beneath the town of Cheesebridge.





Charlotte’s Web age 5+



The 2007 live action version of EB White’s classic weepie novel, about the friendship between a young pig named Wilbur and a wise spider named Charlotte.






The Dark Crystal age 10+


The first non-Muppet movie from Jim Henson and Frank Oz, this 1982 movie is a dark fantasy epic about a young creature on a quest to return order to the universe.







Eddie The Eagle age 10+


Taron Egerton is terrific as the British Olympic ski jumper who had no ski jumping experience in this comedy drama that also stars Hugh Jackman as his (fictional) grouchy coach.






Ella Enchanted age 8+


Anne Hathaway is Ella of Frell, cursed by a fairy to do whatever she is told in this twist on traditional fairy tales that also stars Hugh Dancy and Joanna Lumley.







Explorers age 8+


Joe ‘Gremlins’ Dante directed this 1985 kids’ sci-fi adventure starring Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix as kids who travel through space and get to meet aliens.







Guardians Of The Galaxy age 10+


Catch up with the brilliant first adventure of Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and, of course, Groot, before the sequel comes to cinemas on April 28th.






Home Alone age 8+


The classic comedy in which young Macaulay Culkin is left home alone to fight off burglars after his parents accidentally leave him behind when they go on a Christmas holiday.







Hotel Transylvania age 5+


Dracula runs a monster hotel and isn’t prepared for a human guest to fall in love with his daughter in this animated comedy.






Hunt For The Wilderpeople age 10+


One of the best films (not just the kids movies – of all the movies) of 2016, this unmissable comedy has young tearaway Ricky disappearing into the bush with his foster father mistaken as his kidnapper.





Kung Fu Panda age 5+


The first animated adventure for panda Po, who discovers he could be a kung fu master destined to fulfil an ancient legend.






Megamind age 5+


Will Ferrell voices the blue baby raised in a prison who becomes an evil genius of sorts, fighting good guy Metro Man, in this animated sci-fi comedy.







Monsters Vs Aliens age 5+

Monsters vs Aliens --4.jpg

When aliens threaten the planet, a mismatched group of monsters are called in to save the world in this 2009 animated adventure.






Oddball And The Penguins age 5+


Based on the true story of a dog who helped protect a colony of penguins, this is adorable stuff for animal lovers.






Sing Street age 10+


Terrific teen comedy drama set in a 1980s Dublin school – featuring lovely performances and a memorable soundtrack of new and old songs.






The Spongebob Squarepants Movie age 5+


The first – and best – Spongebob movie has the loveable yellow sea-dwelling sponge off on an adventure to find King Neptine’s crown.






Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit age 8+


Aardman Animation’s Wallace and his dog Gromit are on the trail of a giant angry rabbit who is eating the local prize vegetables in this claymation comedy.







For more information on Netflix, go to www.netflix.com/gb/

Here’s the Lego Ninjago Movie trailer!



It’s definitely Lego week here at Movies4Kids – The Lego Batman Movie is in cinemas worldwide from tomorrow (Friday 10th February – click here to go to the Movies4Kids homepage for the review), and we have the first trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie, below.


The movie is in US cinemas from 22nd September and UK cinemas from 13th October and features the voices of Olivia Munn, Jackie Chan, Justin Theroux and Dave Franco in an animated adventure about six young ninjas defending their home when they’re not attending high school…


LEGO Batman comes to London


If you are in central London today (Wednesday 8th) or tomorrow, head along to the South Bank for a new installation celebrating the release of The Lego Batman Movie this week.

A LEGO Batarang has “crashed” into the pavement at Observation Point – as built by the clever team at Bright Bricks, led by founder Duncan Titmarsh. Standing over three metres tall, the construction, built using 35,000 LEGO bricks, also features lighting, a broken ground effect and even smoking rubble as well as the iconic Bat symbol.


Here’s a clip of the installation:




The installation is at the South Bank now, until 8pm on Thursday (9th February) at Observation Point, Southbank, 58-72 Upper Ground, Gabriel’s Wharf, London SE1 9LT.

The LEGO Batman movie opens on Friday, and you can read the Movies4Kids review here.

Superbowl trailers – Pirates, Guardians, Transformers and Logan!



Last night was Superbowl night in the US, and in between the football and a superb half-time live performance from Lady Gaga, movie companies revealed new trailers for some of 2017’s hottest movies. Check out YouTube for some of the more grown up ones, like John Wick 2, Life and Ghost In The Shell, and click below for trailers for the movies you’ll be taking the kids to later this year: Transformers: The Last Knight (in cinemas 23rd June), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (26th May), Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (28th April in UK, 5th May in US) and Logan (1st March UK, 3rd March US)…