RIP Robin Williams

robin-williams1For the last hour, I have been crying over the death of someone I never met. But as I am sure many, many people do, I really feel the loss of a great talent today, that of Robin McLaurin Williams – comedian, actor and Oscar winner. Friends, colleagues, even US President Barack Obama, have paid tribute to him, while newspapers have added moving obituaries to their websites. There is little I can add apart from sending my sincere condolences to his wife and family and those who had the privilege to know him. All I offer is this – watch Good Morning Vietnam, Insomnia, The World According To Garp, The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting to see his extraordinary talent at work (and if you can, catch Mork & Mindy, the TV series that made him famous which I loved as a kid), and if you have children, just show them these movies and watch them laugh…







The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ sad tweet on the news of Robin William’s death:



Everyone’s favourite Guardian – Groot!



If you’ve seen this summer’s best blockbuster so far, Guardians Of The Galaxy, chances are one of your favourite characters is Groot. Descended from a race of walking flora, he’s basically a big tree who utters just three words (“I am Groot”), but ends up being one of the biggest heroes of the film. So, in appreciation of the tall and branchy one, here is a Groot-tastic clip and tips for the kids on how to respect the environment this summer…



Groot’s all about saving the galaxy, and here is how everyone can help save our own planet:


1) Save paper and only print when you need to


2) Try to reuse and recycle paper. You could use cut outs from old wrapping paper to make birthday cards, or turn a cardboard box into a dolls house.


3) Don’t harm trees and their branches – and don’t carve your initials in a tree trunk, either!


4) Plant a tree. Want to grow your own Groot? Here’s how to grow from a cutting: Ehow/Tree


Earth To Echo activity sheet!

0144 Earth To Echo_UK Quad_AW_Final_30One of Movies4Kids’ favourite movies for summer 2014 is Earth To Echo, which opens in cinemas on July 25th. Check out the trailer below – it’s a little bit ET, a little bit The Goonies, but with a 21st century twist that will appeal to today’s kids.




And we also have a cool activity sheet for kids – just click here for a large version…


0144 Earth to Echo_ActivitySheet_AW_08-2

Guardians Of The Galaxy – Meet The Team

I’m off to the Guardians Of The Galaxy screening this evening, which is set to open in UK cinemas next Thursday (31st). It’s the first of the summer blockbusters I’m really excited about, and these quirky characters are the reason why:



For those who don’t know much about the movie, it’s the latest collaboration between Disney and Marvel Comics. It’s a space adventure following Peter Quill and a group of misfits (the guys above) as they try and keep a powerful orb away from bad guy Ronan.


Here’s the trailer – and we’ll have more news on the movie later this week…




RIP James Garner

MV5BMTM1Nzk2NTA3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzEzODI0NA@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Was terribly sad to hear of the death of James Garner yesterday. Click below for a little post I wrote for my friend’s fantastic Lovely’s Vintage blog in memory of one of the last great Hollywood movie stars:


James Garner blog for Lovely’s Vintage

Ben Whishaw IS Paddington

Paddington_New_Poster_1206.2014Following the news that Colin Firth had stepped away from voicing everyone’s favourite bear from Peru, it has been announced that the actor whose dulcet tones will be discussing the merits of marmalade sandwiches is now going to be… Ben Whishaw.


Best known for his role as Q in Bond thriller Skyfall, and as Jean-Baptiste in the thriller Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer, does this mean we’re getting an edgier Paddington Bear?



(Ben Whishaw, above, with a bear who isn’t Paddington…)

More Secret Cinema Back To The Future News…





back-to-the-futureBack To The Future fans thinking about buying tickets to the Secret Cinema presentations of the film – that includes a chance to walk around a specially built Hill Valley in a secret London location – should check out this new Secret Cinema website:

If you haven’t bought a ticket, the link will lead you to the box office, while ticket holders can input a secret code where they will be given a special identity that will  help shape the structure of each show as audience members become certain characters in Hill Valley. There are also other interactive elements for ticket holders on the site.


Secret Cinema Presents Back To The Future runs from 24 July to 31 August and there are still some tickets available for dates between 14 and 31 August. Visit Secret Cinema for more information.